iToolCo Wire Pullers

iTOOLco’s Cannon 10K* is the fastest and strongest wire puller available. This versatile cable puller is easy to maneuver, and can be changed quickly from side pulls to overhead or underground. The Cannon 10K is the only 10,000 lb. wire puller that can be attached to the receiver hitch on a truck.


Wire Pullers SKU

• 6K – CDF-WP6K
• 10K – CDF-WP10K
• 12K – CDF-WP12K

Foot Pedal

Universal Adapter for Wire Pullers

Force Gauge


Length (fully extended): 10’6″

Width: 30″

Weight: 308 lb.

Pulling rope minimum average breaking strength 15,000 lb.

Recommended pulling rope size 5/8″ or larger


  • Cannon 10K™ wire puller (with a total weight of 308 lb.)
  • Universal adapter – for loads under 5,000 lb.
  • 5 Conduit adapters sizes 2″ through 4″ (5″ & 6″ available)
  • Powered by a 20 amp, 2 speed coring motor with built-in slip clutch (6-year factory warranty on motor)
  • Foot switch (UL listed)

Patented US 9172224 B2


  • 4 Speed dual capstan
  • 9′ & 18′ (per min.) on low speed, 20′ & 40′ on high speed
  • Self-contained – ready to pull
  • Quickly change from side pull to overhead, underground or truck hitch
  • No gang box of parts
  • Adjustable counter-balance for easy setup and a 15 lb. working weight
  • Pulls out 13 feet of extra wire
  • Universal adapter – the universal adapter sits on the conduit lock nut, fits a wide range of sizes, and often eliminates the need to use the conduit adapters on lighter pull
  • No anchoring required
  • Easily maneuvers into tight spaces