Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit – 1″

• Listed under the Underwriter’s Laboratories
• 3/8 inch thru 2 inch trade size
• Use with SEALPROOF® straight or right angle connectors
• May also be used with metallic connectors for liquid-tight conduit
• Resists corrosion, abrasion, oil, water, acid, metal shavings, and rough environments
• Resists abuse, pull and crushing
• UL Rating: 80°C dry, 60°C wet. 70°C oil resistant
• Outdoor, sunlight resistant, direct burial
• Temperature rating – 18°C to 75°C
• Smooth inside for easier wire pulling, no hazardous sharp edges or burrs, will not damage conductors
• Light weight and lower installed cost
• Quick installation, cuts with utility knife or PVC cutter
• Integral rigid & flexible PVC construction